how it works 
(for a typical nursery)

  • Survey of Nursery Premises

    For most nurseries the process begins with an assessment of the nursery premises to establish how many cameras will be needed and where they will be placed. This normally involves a site visit by an iWatch team member.

  • Equipment Installation

    As soon as camera requirements have been agreed upon and a broadband connection is in place, technical personnel will visit the nursery out-of-hours to install the cameras, camera server and networking equipment.

  • Issue Nursery code

    Once the equipment has been installed and tested, the nursery will be issued a unique 10-digit iWatch code. Parents who would like to use the iWatch system must obtain this code from the nursery manager before they can apply to open an account.

  • Account Application

    With the iWatch system up and running, a parent can apply for an account by visiting the iWatch web site and entering the nursery's unique 10-digit code. Following successful entry of the code, the system will identify which nursery their child belongs to and prompt the parent to enter personal details. All sensitive information is transmitted over the Internet securely and stored on our servers securely using industry standard encryption.

  • Account Application Verification

    Once the parent has entered their personal details, the iWatch system will automatically send an email to the nursery manager, informing them that a new account application has been received and is awaiting verification. Upon receipt of the email, the manager will log into the iWatch system, check the details entered by the applicant, then activate the account. The manager will also apply suitable camera viewing times. With account verification complete, the iWatch system will automatically send an email to the parent, informing them that their application has been approved. At this point, the parent can log on and start watching their child.